Axminster traders asked to consider another 'Fiver Fest'

  Posted: 22.06.20 at 12:10 by Philip Evans

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Axminster traders are being asked whether they would support another 'Fiver Fest' shopping initiative to help shops and businesses as they emerge from the coronavirus lockdown.

In October last year around 40 local businesses signed up to the national campaign to boost independent traders by offering good value deals for £5.

At the time it was said that if every adult in the Axminster area spent £5 a week in their local independent shops that they would have spent otherwise shopping on line, in supermarkets or with huge multi-internationals, it would put £1.8 million a year back into the local economy.

Axminster Totally Locally has already launched a “Comeback Campaign” where traders are being offered a free website page to promote their businesses.

Barrie Hedges, who leads the Archway Bookshop in Church Street and runs Axminster Totally Locally, is now canvassing traders to see if they would support another “Fiver Fest” as more shops are now reopening with lockdown being eased.

Around 30 local shops and businesses are now open again in the town centre with more planning to do so next week.

Mr Hedges said that the Totally Locally team is considering a nationwide “Fiver Fest” and has enquired how Axminster would feel about this.

The national body had asked whether towns would be up for it in the next six weeks or so, simplified to one £5 item to promote independent businesses.

Mr Hedges said his own feeling was that it needs to await reopening of the pubs and cafes.

“Once they are back on the street it could be a very good rallying point to get the town behind us. It should attract a to of national publicity so plenty of awareness.”

Commenting on Facebook, Simon Holmes said: “Let’s wait for the pubs and cafes. I thought last last 'Fiver Fest' was a real success in terms of getting people to think about shopping local. When we ran the event last year I regularly heard people talking about it in the shop.”

With the government expected to reduce social distancing from two metres to one this week, Axminster’s five pubs and hotel are making arrangements to open in some form or another on July 4.

The town's hairdressing and beauty salons are also expected to open on or before July 4.

Axminster News Nub is supporting the "Comeback Campaign" and offering business directory listings for local shops and businesses free of charge. Simply visit our Local List page and click the 'Nub It' button to submit your listing.

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