Speed limit for stretch of 'dangerous road' a step closer

  Posted: 15.07.20 at 11:48 by Francesca Evans

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Devon county councillors have moved forward a proposal which could see the speed limit on a stretch of "dangerous road" in Axminster reduced from 60mph to 30mph.

Axminster ward member Ian Hall has been campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced a along a 0.2-mile stretch of the A358 Chard Road to the north of the town.

The speed limit is currently 60mph on the stretch between the Weycroft Bridge traffic lights to the new Tiger Way junction for Axminster Town Football Club.

But Councillor Hall believes this should now be reduced to 30mph as this area of the town is more built up with new houses and the relocation of the football club, and the national speed limit is "no longer appropriate".

He said the issue has been raised by both youth and adult groups of the football club who have had difficulties in exiting Tiger Way onto the A358, especially after night fixtures.

Councillor Hall last week requested that members of Devon County Council's Highways and Traffic Orders Committee support his proposal to reduce the speed limit. He also requested rumble strips and additional roundels to be considered as calming measures.

The crossing point at Stretford Cottage, which is very close to the north side traffic lights at Weycroft Bridge, was also discussed as a concern at a recent School Transport Appeal Hearing.

As this point is indeed used as a crossing point just before the bridge, Councillor Hall said this was another reason for the speed limit to be reduced.

He added that halfway along the single carriage bridge is another set of traffic lights that provides access for the residential development on the Weycroft Bridge, and that nighttime speeding and jumping the traffic lights was an ongoing issue.

Councillor Hall said he was hopeful that the police would also back his request.

His proposal was seconded by Honiton and Fention councillor Phil Twiss, who described the stretch of road as "very dangerous".

Members unanimously agreed to advance the proposal through the Speed Compliance Action Review (SCARF) process by looking at the average speed of vehicles and to further understand the local environment.

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