Laptops and devices donated to Axminster children learning at home

  Posted: 09.01.21 at 12:49 by Francesca Evans

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Axminster residents have been donating laptops, phones and tablets for local schoolchildren to use while learning from home.

Lawson Computer Repair, based at the new Community Waffle House in Trinity House, Axminster, has been collecting the unwanted devices and will be distributing them to families who don’t have the technology required for remote learning during the national lockdown.

Anyone who would like to donate a working laptop, phone of tablet can drop it to Lawson Computer Repair at the Waffle House Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You should wipe all your personal information off the device before donating.

You can also donate to this cause by making a donation at

As an essential service, the computer repair service run by Luke Lawson remains open during lockdown for those in need of technical support, although the Waffle House itself is currently closed and has stopped its takeaway service for the time being.

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