Kilmington church bells will soon be ringing again

  Posted: 01.09.20 at 15:47 by Philip Evans

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The bells of St Giles Church in Kilmington will soon be ringing our over the village again.

The bells have been silent for a few months but church officials are hoping they will be rung again to welcome the congregation to the first service since lockdown in Marsch - a Mission Community Evensong on Sunday (September 6).

Bell ringer Celia Dunsford said that initially they would only be able to ring three non-adjacent bells, due to the two-metre ruling, for a maximum 15 minutes only.

She said: "If sufficient ringers are available you may actually hear six bells. This is become we have a chiming system which enable one person to chime all the bells."

But she warned that chimed bells do not sound so as loud as run. bells and there fore the sound does not carry so far around the village.

She added: We are looking forward to ringing the bells we hope everyone in the village enjoys hearing them."

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