Beach hut for cancer sufferers now available

  Posted: 06.07.20 at 14:54 by Philip Evans

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Axminster and Lyme Regis Cancer Support have officially opened Mary Anning's Beach Hut on Lyme Regis seafront, for exclusive use by cancer sufferers and their families.

The beach hut on the Cart Road in Lyme Regis, has been named after the town's most famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning, and is available to book by anyone going through cancer or their family members.

The idea for the beach hut came from local couple Karen and Nigel Ball, and has been made possible by Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support and the town council.

Initially, the charity will be trialling the facility with the local clients in the area offering them up to three days until the end of October.

After Karen went through her own cancer treatment, the couple attended the funeral at St Michael's Parish Church of a family friend who had died following a battle with breast cancer.

Whilst leaving the church they saw an information board about Mary Anning and discovered that she too had died from breast cancer, with limited treatment and support available at the time.

They then heard that Fossil Films Ltd. – producers of the film 'Ammonite' which contained scenes shot in Lyme Regis and is about the story of Mary Anning's life – had given the town £15,000 for local causes, and they thought a beach hut seemed a perfect.

The idea won the support of the town council, along with an appeal to erect a statue of Mary Anning in Lyme Regis and a scholarship fund inspired by the fossil hunter to encourage more young women to go into science.

The three projects received £5,00 each from the film funding.

Mr and Mrs Ball officially opened the beach hut this morning (Monday) and those who have been through, or who are battling against cancer, are now welcome to relax by the sea and enjoy their own little bit of Lyme.

Anyone wishing to know more about the charity, or offer their help and support, should visit the Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support website.

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