Axminster shows support for Black Lives Matter movement

  Posted: 06.07.20 at 15:02 by Francesca Evans

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MORE than 80 residents from Axminster and the surrounding area gathered on the Minster Green on Saturday to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement currently sweeping across the world.

Axminster residents staged their first peaceful, family-orientated event, inspired by the global Black Lives Matter movement with the aim of raising awareness in our local community.

Becky Smith, one of the event organisers, said: “After seeing the terrible murder of George Floyd, I researched the Black Lives Matter international movement. The more I learned of racial discrimination and inequality in this country the more I felt compelled to act and speak up; sharing articles and videos on my social media platform wasn’t enough!”

"After speaking to other residents with similar views about this issue I setup a Facebook group ‘BLM Axminster’ and shortly recruited Rob Robinson and Imogen Killner to help."

The aim of the group is to provide a platform for like-minded people to share learning and ideas of how Axminster might support the black and ethnic minority community, and to instigate wider discussion about racism with all age groups.

Imogen, another of the event organisers, said: “This event has sparked ideas of empowerment in to our movement and we’re all really excited to see where we go with it. Many people are unaware of the racism that exists in our communities, our aim is to try and bring it to their attention and untangle it."

Rob added: “The event provided an opportunity to raise awareness of the group and its objectives to provide everyone with similar views to discuss a way forward and encourage conversation in the wider community, we hope to host many events in the future.”

Becky continued: "Myself, Rob and Imogen want to thank everyone that managed to join us, and those that messaged in support. and thank you to everyone at the event for sticking to the current COVID-19 guidelines, as health and safety was paramount."

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