'Amazing effort' by Axminster Scrub Hub which made 1,600 protective items

  Posted: 13.06.20 at 15:04 by Philip Evans

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A group of ladies which made up the Axminster Scrub Hub have put away their sewing machines after an 'amazing effort' in helping to supply NHS frontline workers with personal protection equipment.

The Axminster Hub was one of hundreds set up all over the country to help protect doctors, nurses and care workers looking after coronavirus patients.

Writing on the Axminster Noticeboard Facebook page, one of the local organisers Laura Coombs said: “We would like to say a massive thank-you to all of the people who donated materials to us.

“Our incredible volunteers from Axminster and the surrounding villages have made and distributed more than 1,600 items, including scrubs, headbands, scrub bags and scrub caps, to hospitals and care settings locally and around Somerset.

“As demand has now dropped significantly, we completed our last delivery on June 10 and our amazing volunteers are now having some well deserved rest.

“We are incredibly proud of all of our volunteers. We plan to donate any leftover material to other community projects or to charity.

“If you have any queries about this, please do let us know. Thank you all again. What an amazing effort by our local community.”

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