Jill Farrow elected new Mayor of Axminster

  Posted: 12.01.21 at 12:05 by Francesca Evans

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Councillor Jill Farrow has been elected the new Mayor of Axminster following the sudden death of her predecessor, Anni Young, in December.

Cllr Farrow is a relative newcomer to the council but has more than 30 years experience in the civil service.

She moved to Axminster in September 2018 with her partner Mary, saying the welcome they had received from the town had been “heart warming” and serving on the town council was a “privilege”.

Cllr Farrow previously served as deputy mayor and paid tribute to the late mayor, Anni Young, ahead of what was described as her "bittersweet" election at last night's virtual meeting of Axminster Town Council.

She said: “I knew Anni for less than two years and we recognised how unusual it was at this time in our lives to be making new, close friends. I should like to say at this formal meeting that I loved her very much indeed.”

Cllr Carol Doherty proposed Cllr Farrow for the position of mayor, seconded by Cllr Andrea Sedgewick.

Cllr Andrea Sedgewick, the new Deputy Mayor of Axminster

Cllr Matt Adamson-Drage proposed Cllr Jeremy Waldon - a former mayor and the longest-serving member of the council - seconded by Cllr Martin Mynard.

Members held a private vote via video conferencing app Zoom with Cllr Farrow declared the winner.

Her opposer, Cllr Waldon, offered his congratulations and said he would help Cllr Farrow in any way possible.

The new mayor then proposed Cllr Sedgewick for the position of deputy mayor, seconded by Cllr Doherty.

Cllr Adamson-Drage proposed Cllr Waldon for deputy mayor but he declined to accept this nomination.

Cllr Adamson-Drage’s name was then put forward for deputy mayor but Cllr Farrow pointed out that he was unable to stand for this position under the Localism Act, due to his marriage to Axminster’s deputy town clerk.

Cllr Andrea Sedgewick was therefore elected deputy mayor unopposed.

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